Young Living Essential Oils Deal of the Year


I love Young Living Essential Oils! Seriously.

I love Young Living!

They have literally changed my life in several ways… and I’m not exaggerating. I had SEVERE allergies, and was battling some women’s issues before I started using these oils. I’m talking about E.R. visits, breathing treatments, hives, rashes, swollen eyes, wheezing, and constant sneezing. They were for-real-bad. The hormone issues had me desperate for a hysterectomy. So, what did I have to lose with these oils? The allergy medication I was on merely masked the allergies, and half the time didn’t help all that much. And let’s not forget the fact that allergy meds are terrible on the liver and kidneys. So, I went cold turkey and stopped all meds, and only used Young Living Essential Oils. I was rather shy about it thinking these issues were way beyond what any ol’ oils could do considering that three medications a day could – at best – merely help manage the insanity. However, much to my shock, THEY WORKED!!! I’m off ALL medications! No more constant sneezing and wheezing, no more hot flashes; I’m balanced, and I feel great!

*This is my personal experience. I am not giving you medical advice. This should be your own decision, and with your doctor’s guidance.

Young Living has, once again, upgraded the Premium Starter Kit. Up until now, they haven’t even charged any addition fees for these packed kits. So, in order to make room for the New, upgraded Premium Starter Kit, they are offering the current one with an extra oil!! This kit is already a big bang for your buck, but now even more so! If you’re wanting to get started, there is NEVER going to be a better opportunity. You’re talking about 12 – TWELVE – YLEOs, a home diffusor, samples, information, and as a wholesale member, you get 24% off all future orders, as well as the ability to recoup your costs (I can show you how!).

Not only can these oils help your body function at a higher level, they can replace many of your daily, toxic products, such as: any and all cleaning supplies, deodorant, perfume, possibly medications, weightless supplements, sunscreen, bug spray, ect. The uses goes on and on.

This kit is an investment in you and your family’s health, and something you won’t regret! … They might even change your life like they did for me!

So here is the deal of the Year!

Premium Starter Kit PLUS 1! Get an EXTRA oil from YL, and get even more freebies from me!


YLEO Deal of the Year!! You get all these EXTRAS from YL, then you get freebies from me, too!!

By signing up with me, you also get these freebies: an Essential Oil Reference book, a glass water bottle to drink all your delicious Citrus oils in, and a personal help!

Next month, Young Living will launch a new Portion Starter Kit. It will come with 11 awsome oils, an upgraded diffuser, samples, sample bottles to share with your loved ones, and info, but at a $10 increase. This month they’re offering 12 oils on the kit, for the same $150. HUGE bang for your buck!!

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