Why I “DO” Young Living

I’ve been challenged to write about Why I Pursue the Business side of Young Living. So, here ya go!

My family and I use Young Living Essential Oils EVERYDAY! …and in multiple ways, for multiple reasons. These oils have literally changed my life. Since I started using these oils, I have lost a lot of weight, my hormones are now supported and functioning properly, I’m no longer on allergies medications, I sleep better, no longer in constant discomfort. They have replaced our toxic cleaners, vitamins, lotions, beauty products, toxic bug sprays – I could go on and on. Once we saw the incredible power of YLEO’s, we were hooked. We love them! They’re in every room of the house.

Someone told me that I could earn my oils for “free” by signing others up, so I began to share my link with my friends and family and I started receiving a check directly from Young Living each month that more than covered the costs of my personal. Then the earnings were way beyond what my oils cost. Then it was more than enough to makes payments on a brand new vehicle AND our largest bill. So, not only can I say these oils helped me physically they have helped me financially! I am floored, as well as, extremely grateful, that Young Living came into my life!

If you want to use these oils, and need to cover your costs, you can easily do that. I’ll show you how! If you want to take it a step farther, and earn an addition or even full-time income, you can do that, too. Email me at LifeLoveandEssentialOils@gmail.com for more information. I would love to help you get an incredible career up and running!

Check out this video on how us hard working Stay at Home Moms are earning some serious cash with companies such as Young Living.

Here’s why I now pursue Young Living as a business:

~Most importantly, because they actually work, and can possibly CHANGE YOUR LIFE, too! I feel morally obligated to share information about Young Living Essential Oils.

~To provide an Excellent Education for our precious children. Since beginning this journey, we’ve placed our children in a College Prep Academy.

~To move our family to the country.

Country Livin' | LifeLoveandEssentialOils.com


~To have the ability to work when and wherever I want.

Backyard Hammock

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~To retire my husband.

Retirement | LifeLoveandEssentialOils


~To open up a benevolence center. (I’ve dreamed about doing this for almost 20 years now!)

Do Something for People who cannot Repay you | LifeLoveandEssentialOils.com


This is why I’m striving onward, and sharing these oils with you.

Join me on this beautiful journey.

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Want to read more specifically about YLEO’s? Click HERE.


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