Valentines for Him & Her

How about getting you and your loved one something that can improve their health AND inspire romance this Valentine’s Day?!

Welp, here ya go!


Valentine Gift for Him | Valentine Gift for Her |


Let me review a few of these items.

Shutran. Your Stallion need a little more gitty-up and go? It’s a cologne, too.

Shutran |



Idaho Blue Spruce can also rev up the engine. eh -hem


Nitro. Natural Energy + Vitamins. Tastes great. Super convenient. And let’s not mention that Monster and RockStar  energy drinks are HORRENDOUS for your health. These little tubes of awesomeness would replace those cancer-causing, liver-killing drinks.

Nitro |

Joy. Can improve mood and inspire romance. Can also be worn as perfume. Lovely smell.

Joy |


Art Skin Care. I am a skin care snob, and I use this every single day. Light weight, but moisturizing. Smells good. Smooth, fresh skin. All natural… but that’s a given, right? We are talking about Young Living, afterall.

ART Skin Care |


Sensation. Mmmmm ya, it’s purpose is intended for two very specific body parts – cue Marvin Gaye music here – but you can use it all over. Buy this massage oil and see if your husband isn’t exuberantly glad that you joined Young Living. ha!

Sensation Massage Oil |


You can get these products here. Don’t forget to sign up with a no-strings attached wholesale membership so that you save 24% on all your orders. If you order soon, you will get them in time for V-Day!

*Ask me how to recoup your costs.


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