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Chocolates are great… if you want to gain 5 pounds the week of Valentines.

Flowers are beautiful…. but they die quickly. 

Young Living Essential Oils, however, are fun, will last a long time, can help you lose weight, can improve the quality of your life, are tax deductible, replace MANY other products, save you money, and can majorly spice up things in the bedroom

If you’ve been wanting to try them, send this link to your man asap. If they are ordered soon, you will heave them by Valentines!

Get the BEST Valentine’s gift here.

How do they replace many products and save me money? Simple, they are so extremely versatile, you will find yourself using the oils instead of other products (that contain harsh and even cancer causing chemicals) such as beauty products, cleaners, weight loss supplements, flavoring for foods, and much  more.

How do they spice up my love life? This kit comes with 11 oils (along with a diffuser, information, samples, and 24% discount and the ability to recoup your money if you sign up as wholesale)!

Joy |

One of those oils is Joy. As well as lifting spirits, Joy can inspire romance when smelled, diffused, or rubbed over the lower abdomen or thighs.

Peppermint is also in the kit. Peppermint is extremely versatile,  but when Peppermint is mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, it is a powerful and exciting lubricant.

peppermint poster 2

You might also want to try Sensation Massage Oil. I think that name is pretty self explanatory. And, yes, it’s pretty Sensation-al! Item #3036

Sensation Massage oil |


After telling your Lover all the reasons that the both of you will enjoy these oils, you should be receiving your package in no time! 

This is why you’d sign up whole sale.

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*Ask me how to recoup yours costs!

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