Sweet Citrus Tea

Hello, my name is Tamara, and I’m a Sweet Tea addict. Ya, it’s true. I love it. I drink it. A lot. As much as possible. It practically runs through my veins.  It will be in Heaven, I’m sure of it.

I’m Texan, ok. Sweet Tea is a staple here. Florida has Orange Juice. Japan has Sake. Texas has Sweet Tea.

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I’ve been known to go to Chick-fil-a more than once in a single day for sweet tea.

I’ve made multiple trips through other drive thru’s for their Sweet Tea, too. I’m shameless.

I would like to note that making Sweet Tea is an art form. Not all sweet teas are created equally. I personally allow my tea to boil until it foams up. Don’t take it off the burner until then. Pour the hot tea in your pitcher, then pour sugar so that it melts, stir, then add ice.

Let me make a couple  factual statements:

– Sweet Tea is not Sweet Tea if it is made with anything other than plain ol’ sugar. The pink stuff or blue stuff just doesn’t cut it. (If you have diabetes, ect, obviously you would have to sweeten with something other than sugar, but use Stevia, not the pink or blue cancer packets.)

Sweet 'N Low Cancer Danger | LifeLoveandEssentialOils.com

– When you ask for Sweet Tea at a restaurant and the server says “We don’t have Sweet Tea, but we do have mango and peach tea.” I want to karate chop them. First of all, if you’re in the south and you don’t have Sweet Tea available for your customers, you might want to rethink your business strategy and remember WHERE YOU ARE. ehem. Second, I didn’t ask for fruit tea. Or a smoothie, or a peach drink, or a fruity cocktail. I asked for SWEET tea. Again, this would require just two things: tea and sugar, only.

Notice how I call this tea by all the ingredients; not confusing it as Sweet Tea. Sweet Citrus Tea is an embellished sweetened tea.

Ok, I’m done.

So, how I discovered this delicious Sweet Citrus Tea actually stems from a major success with YLEO’s!

I’ve been on medication for allergies for over 30 years. (Strange how I could have been on allergies meds for so long when I’m just in my 20’s.)  I was in and out of the doctor’s office and E.R.’s. Breathing treatments, inhalers, shots, you name it.  Using YLEO’s only, I am now 100% off all allergy medications!!! I’m still blown away. I’m so grateful.

I carry my LLP (Lemon Lavender, Peppermint – seasonal issue trio) with me at all times. We were out for lunch, and shockingly, I was drinking Sweet Tea. I realized that I had forgotten to use my LLP that day, so I reached in my purse and pulled the Trio out. I was completely out of Lemon. Not a drop left. I had Citrus Fresh with me, as well, so I dropped a few drops of Citrus Fresh under my tongue, and took a swig of sweet tea…. and WOW… it was perfection!!! My nephew was with me, and I asked him if he had used his LLP that day. He had not. I told him to put the Citrus Fresh under his tongue and take a drink. His eyes lit up and he said “That is seriously, like, amazingness in my mouth!” Yes, dear nephew, I concur.

Sweet Citrus Tea | LifeLoveandEssentialOils.com

I came home and poured a glass of Sweet Tea, put 4 drops of Citrus Fresh in it, and stirred. I’m hooked.

A lot of people like Lemon in their tea, but this is taking it to a whole new level. It’s fresh, sweet, and perfect. You should be using a citrus oil everyday anyway!


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