It Works!…. Actually Works!

It Works!… Works! 

I post a lot about Young Living Essential Oils, but the name of this blog represents me and my life, and the things that I love, as well…. this is one of those things that I LOVE!

I am one of those people who tries new stuff. I don’t know why. I just do. I have tons of friends who own businesses, and who sell different products, and I love to support them. I  also just really do enjoy trying something different!

Over the years, I’ve tried some crappy products that yielded nothing close to what was promised, and I’ve tried some things that I totally love and still use to this day (like YLEO’s). It Works! is another!

What I have experienced myself is that a) this is a goofy but appropriately named brand, because  It Works, WORKS! And b) You WILL see immediate results… as in, mere minutes.  I know: too good to be true. But it’s merely bio chemistry. The all-natural botanic blend penetrates your fat cells and dispels fat, and acts as an anti-inflammatory on both the fat cell (fat cells expand and retract), and your skin, making you  thinner, and more firm and tone. For real.

Got that lovely “Mom Apron”? or “Skin Apron”? Ya, this stuff will shrink that bad boy.

Have Saddle Bags for days? Yep, you will look different naked and in your jeans! Here’s some pics of  my friends.

(Friends, no worries, there’s no way in the world I am identifying anyone on here! ha!)

Pardon the low quality pics, we’re taking these pictures with our phones… in our bathrooms. You’ll see some pic aps applied, as well.

It Works! Go Away Muffin Top!


It Works! Skin Apron No More!


I’ve heard some people say that theses wraps just make you lose water weight, and that you “Reinflate” as soon as you re-hydrate. NOT TRUE. Does the picture above look like that’s water weight? That is skin retraction and firming!! And, you’re drinking water the whole time you’re wrapping.  Again, this is simple biochemistry: it’s a natural chemical reaction on a cellular level.

It Works! Shrinking That Middle!

It Works! See results for YOurself!

It Works! Shrink those Legs!


It Works! Just ONE boc of Wraps can Do this for You!

Hello!! Are you not ready to try this stuff?!

Here’s where you join!

To get wholesale price, sign up as a Loyal Customer, and all you have to do is test the product for three months, and after that you’re locked into wholesale prices for life and free shipping! After 6 months, you get MORE Perk Points, meaning you earn FREE products!

Loyal Customer Perks | LifeLoveandEssentialOils

I also have been using FatFighters. It’s an oral supplement that you take 30 minutes after you’ve eaten something naughty. It doesn’t wait to kick in until your food has already hit your colon like most other products do. Once your food gets to your colon, there’s not a lot that ANY product can do for you. It’s too late.  FatFighters start grabbing fat and encapsulating it while it’s still in your stomach, and therefore captures up to 30%.. let me say that again  THIRTY percent… of fat, and up tp 60% of carbs and starches. If you struggle with irregular blood sugar levels, FatFighters can really, really help you. If you’re addicted to Mexican Food like I am, FatFighters might be your BFF. .. and they’re only $23 for Loyal Customers! I have steadily lost a little weight weight in spite of continually making poor food choices, and that is something that I’ve never experienced.

I Love Mexican Food | LifeLoveandEssentialOils


Consider “The Triple Threat” and really watch yourself change! Triple Threat is Greens, The Wraps, and Firming Gel.

I will never, ever advocate a quick fix or some get-skinny-quick nonsense. Like ANY weight loss program, you’re going to have to eat healthy foods and exercise. There’s just no two ways around that. It Works! is not a temporary fix. It is a program and aid that will also require you to eat like you have good sense. It will, however, give you those moral boosts that are key to success.

It Works! is an affordable, do-able, exciting new way to get healthy!

Come on! Let’s shrink together! Join as a Loyal Customer Here.



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