Bluebonnets -The Gem of Texas Prairies

Texans are slightly obsessed with Bluebonnets. They are after all, our state flower. More important than anything, they’re so beautiful. They’re mesmerizing. And they don’t last long. Whether we park on the side of the highway or hirer a photographer, we go to great lengths to snag a coveted picture of our children and pets with these gems. These gorgeous blooms are  budding everywhere right now. As a nature lover, it’s hard not to stop and admire and reflect upon them.


We’re so proud of them, we plaster their picture everywhere. They’re on the cover our newspapers, magazines, city catalogs, school textbooks, post cards, and painted on the sides of many a’buildings. We even blog about them.

bluebonnet sunset

Bluebonnet facts.

Bluebonnets aren’t actually blue. They are indigo.

They are named after their hue of blue and shape of a bonnet.

The Bluebonnet was named the official Texas state flower in 1901.

-It was proposed the cotton boll be the state flower.

It is NOT illegal to pick a Bluebonnet. It is illegal, however, to trespass to capture the perfect picture of one.

They germinate in only 15-75 days. They die just as quickly, lasting at the most from March to May.

It was believed that the Spaniards brought the Bluebonnet to the plains and prairies of Texas, but they did not. Bluebonnets are native to our territory. We are the Bluebonnets “chosen land.” We stingily share these flowers with only a few of our bordering states.



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