The Excuse Making Mama: Don’t be Her

I hate that I have to preface this observation by stating the obvious, but it seems like these days, if you don’t start with some level of self-deprecation, people think you’re holier than thou and disregard everything you have to say. If a person were perfect or utterly diabolical, if they speak truth, it is still truth.

Truth is truth no matter the messenger.

This is meant to be a light-hearted way of poking fun of parenting quirks, and as a means for all of us to re-remember that we’re all going through the same things, same struggles, and stresses that parenting brings. We can do this. It starts with truth.

I’m no perfect mother.  I have my flaws just as every other mom does. My kids aren’t perfect. They have their issues just as every other child does. Furthermore, acknowledging the existence of  something isn’t judging; it’s merely acknowledging the existence of something. That’s it. Is everyone trying to do their best? For the most part, yes. Do most people want the very best for their children? For the most part, yes. …But if we’re really going to be honest with our self, denying and ignoring reality probably isn’t really doing our best.

The Best me starts with truth


I say all of that because lately I’ve witnessed a shocking amount of this. It’s to the point where it’s depressing, and I’m really taken aback and contemplative of it. What’s going on?! Why is everyone so afraid to admit the truth to them self? Could it be that Little Timmy really is a brat? And if he is, does me denying it make those around him any less aware of his brattiness? uuuhhh. no. Furthermore, it probably makes me look like a fool.

Have you ever seen Tim Hawkins stand up routine where he’s talking about a bratty kid and the mom makes an excuse for the behavior?

“Your kid just stabbed me in the leg with scissors!”

“Oh, he’s just got allergies.”

That’s real talk! It sounds  absurd, I know, but it happens all the time. It’s astounding. I witness situations such as these (no stabbings!) and I’m left standing there speechless.

Did this lady just make an excuse for THAT?! Ya, ya she did.

So you're the Babysitter |

(I probably laughed way too hard at this picture and caption.)



How about a kid that everyone knows is a liar? Who’s worse? The lying kid, or the mom who lies to herself and others about the lying kid?


For the love of Peter! Don’t be an excuse making Mama!

I know people who make an excuse for everything.

Their kid didn’t do well on a test? The parent is shocked. Their kid is the next Einstein! How could it be? It’s because they didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

Their kid didn’t get an athletic scholarship? Gasp! They should have been drafted straight to NFL!  Peyton Manning don’t got jack on Jr! It must be because the coach doesn’t like their kid.



Take off those Love Goggles, Mom and Dad…. they’re not doing  your kid any favors.

What’s my point? Like an illness, if you ignore and deny and pretend it’s not there, it only gets worse. Likewise, if you acknowledge it and nip it in the bud, it will be far more manageable, will go away sooner, and your kid will be much healthier for it.

Truth: The light unto my path


Hey, Mom, you’ve got this. Breathe.



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