I’m Texan, and darn proud of it.

I’ve traveled the U.S. a good, little bit, and I’ve heard the different American accents, as well as heard people make fun of and/or express their love for my Texan accent as I’m walking away.  Love it or hate it, it is what it is.

Once, when we were in Indiana, I jokingly asked a lady if I could barter with her. She asked “what do you mean? Like, instead of giving me money, you’d give me something else? Like what?” I said “chickens”. She looked around not knowing what to say and asked if I was serious. I quickly told her I was joking and pulled out my bank card, but that got her curious. “Where are you from?” she asked. I told her Texas, and then the typical non-southern questions started rolling in.

So you have chickens?

Do you keep your horses in your front yard?

Do you have those things that roll around in the wind? (tumbleweed)

Do you buy your milk at the grocery store?

Do people ride horses to work?

Lady, it’s not 1850, and I’m not sure what you’ve been watching on t.v. lately, but you just might have the wrong idea.  You might also be glad to know that I have flushing toilets and bathe daily.

Carol Bernett "Ya don't Say |

(Don’t you just love Carol Burnett?!)

To those who do not like the Texan or other Southern accents:

 First, do they not realize they have an accent, too? It’s simply a different accent to what they’re hearing.

Second, I don’t need you to like or approve of my accent. Do you need me to like your accent, or anything else about you? Ya, didn’t think so.

Third, can either of us help where we were born and raised? But give me a second while I Praise Jesus that I was indeed born and raised where I was born and raised!

*Pause: I am not making any of this up. I have actually been asked/told these things.

Do all the [Texas] women wear their hear really big? Is my hair really big? no. ok.

I know why Texans have those “Don’t Mess with Texas” signs. Because they really think they’re tough stuff! Hush your insufferable hole. That sign is simply a catchy phrase reminding people that they will pay a hefty fine if they litter.

Dont Mess with Texas |

Why do Texans think they’re so much better than everyone else.

Let’s stop there. Why do we think we’re better than everyone else?! Uuum, we don’t. I’m sure there’s plenty of narcissists from every state; please don’t judge an entire demograph based upon your interactions with a few ding dongs.  I will say, however, that because this myth has gotten SO out of control, that yes, we do have fun with it. At this point what else can we do. When we were in Jamaica, we were getting questions about why Texans think that everything is bigger and better in Texas! Good grief! Can we just love our home?! The myth has been attached to us. We didn’t create it. We simply are who we are. Love it or leave it.

I know a married couple who are from Texas and New York, and the New Yorker said to me “Have you ever noticed how everyone loves to hate Texans and New Yorkers?” hmmm… Yes, I’ve noticed that, but why is it? Because we’re generally outspoken, comfortable in our own skin, maybe louder than the average person? I really don’t know. I’m just guessing…. but to my point:

I was born here, and raised here. I know this place and her people better than you (non-Texan) do, so I can probably appreciate it more than you, JUST LIKE YOU know and can appreciate your home better than I can. You’ve probably grown up where you are and seen natural beauties that I’ve never seen. You have the knowledge of your natural resources that I do not have. You know the loving, giving, supportive locals better than I do. So can we just say that it’s a good and healthy thing for all of us to take pride in where and who we come from?

You be proud of you. I’ll be proud of me. And we’ll be happy for each other.

I have Cali Cousins, Aussie Family, friends from all over, really. I lived in Arizona for 4 years (and loved it!). Texas has provided well over half of all job growth for the entire U.S. for years, so people are moving here in. the. droves. Because of this and traveling, I really am, and have been,  exposed to a lot of different accents, and American subcultures. I truly enjoy observing and learning from all these people. I embrace our differences and appreciate that we all have a place to call home and to relate to.

Our ancestors settled where they did, and our accents and cultures have morphed and settled since then. No one can help that.

I once tried to lessen my accent… only to make it outrageously worse.

I will not do that again.

Mama's Family |

We were at a baseball game in Oklahoma this summer, and there were teams there from several different states. We were playing a team from North Dakota – of course we won. 😉 – and I had to sit there and listen to a teenage motor-mouth with a Northern accent the entire time, go on and on about how she had never experienced Chiggers before and now she has scale-etons (skeletons) in her laigs (legs).

I have other friends who drink melk (milk) in a glaise (glass) while the eat their aigs (eggs.)

Ya, their accent might be a little odd to me, but’s it’s ok. I know my accent is awful to some people, too. Should we apologize for growing up where we did? Nope!

How do Texans sound? We sing single syllable words. Ya waaaaant some Coooooke (any soda)? Do you want oooss (ice) in it? We need some oooool (oil) to fry up that fiiiish.

I’ll tell you this!… We get tired of people getting Southern accents all screwed up. If you’re going to mock someone, do it right. Take the movie Charlie Wilson’s War for example. You have two of the most highly paid, critically acclaimed actors of our time totally butcher the “Texan accent”. Um, I think you’re trying to talk like a Georgian, but not doing a good job at it, all while thinking you sound like a Texan. No. Just Stop.

Can we just give each other a break? You wear your lep glass (lip gloss) and I’ll drink my sweeeeet teeeeeea, and at the end of the day we’re still American Brothers and Sisters!